Multiplayer Online Game

  • 2002
  • Startup
Project Description

Play 500 Online allows players from across the world to come together and play the popular Australian card game 500. It features online play against other visitors or Artificially Intelligent computer players, multiple simultaneous gaming rooms, an interactive tutor for new players, and in-game chat.

Play 500 Online allows anyone to play for free, but those wishing to join the rankings ladder pay an annual membership fee. Membership also provides additional benefits such as tournaments, WebCam support, and a Match Scheduler that automatically translates differences in time zones.

Started in 2001, Play 500 Online hosted tens of thousands of games, hundreds of tournaments and enjoyed thousands of memberships. Eventually, in 2021, the site closed after 20 years of serving the 500 community.

  • Skills
    • Design
    • HTML/CSS
    • Javascript
    • Backend
  • Client