Dr Richard Kennard

Software Consultant

Richard is a highly qualified, senior software architect and engineer with extensive experience of the complete software development life cycle across a broad range of technologies. He brings an intelligent approach to software development, combining his attentiveness to customer needs with his passion for delivering a first class product.

Academically, Richard:

  • won Australasian PhD Thesis of the Year.
  • has been published across multiple academic journals and papers. His work has been presented at international conferences and cited by other research groups and practitioners.
  • graduated top of his year from the University of Nottingham, with an Honours Degree in Computer Science.
  • received the University Award for Highest Academic Achievement in his field.

Professionally, Richard:

  • founded and ultimately sold his own startup, Wealth Central.
  • has developed software for all types of organisations, from local business to multi-national corporations in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia.
  • has clients including some of the largest financial institutions in Australia and the United States, and one of the leading enterprise middleware vendors in the world.
  • founded Metawidget, an Open Source software library to assist developers in building User Interfaces.

Richard is also an active member of the software community. He:

  • served on the Expert Group for JSR-299, a specification to unify Java Web application development.
  • has spoken at high profile conferences such as JavaOne and Red Hat Summit, as well as local Java User Groups.
  • was honoured at JavaOne 2006 for his contributions to the JDK.
  • won Hackagong 2014.

In terms of technologies, Richard:

  • has developed everything from multi-tasking graphical operating systems in Assembler, to hydraulic tools tracking systems in Pascal, distributed spreadsheets in C++, pharmaceutical applications in Visual Basic, and financial applications in C#.
  • is currently focused on Java EE and JavaScript technologies, because of the clear cost and quality benefits they bring to businesses.

For more details, please click on the link below to download Richard's complete resumé:

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