Questions & Answers

What types of businesses need software?

In today's market, software is crucial for all types of business. It reduces costs, saves time, and opens the door to new opportunities. Good software gives a business an edge over its competitors.

Isn't tailor-made software expensive?

Not with us. Unlike larger consulting companies, we are a small business with minimal overheads and we pass those savings on to you. Kennard Consulting is a one-stop shop for everything, from initial discussion of your needs, through to analysis and design of your software, development, testing, training and ongoing support.

What is your guarantee that the software you develop for my business is what I need?

Kennard Consulting is committed to keeping you 'in the loop' throughout all stages of the software development process. We believe in delivering regular, incremental updates, ensuring that the software delivers to your expectations and there are no surprises.

How do you secure your software?

Please see our security page.

How will you support me once you have developed software for my business?

At Kennard Consulting we believe that developing software is an evolutionary process that doesn't end with initial delivery of the product. We are committed to enhancing your software to suit the growing needs of your business.